I'm an art-director-turned-copywriter who met her husband on the 1/9 subway on April Fool's Day (true story). 
I have five years of Carvel cake decorating experience and I'm momma to Mulder, a teacup Shorkie.
I shot my first commercial with John Lithgow. He was very tall, very nice,
and hit all of his lines.
I wrote the long-standing tagline for LeanCuisine, “Do something good for yourself” (it ran from 1999-2004), named the first halogen lightbulb for Philips, "Halogena," was the Senior Copywriter for Xbox Live's Beta Tester Recruiter program, and helped create the Verbal Identity for one of the world's most innovative medical research facilities, AbilityLab in Chicago. 
I miss writing radio commercials. Remember giving VO talent direction about tone and voice, so they could bring the brand narrative to life? That's one of the reasons why I love teaching Concepts II at FIT, where our first assignment is to create a big idea for a Sports/Rec brand, expressed as a :30 radio spot + a six-word billboard. 
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